Hi, I’m Kristy Rice.

(Get it, Rice Kristy Treats?)

But you’re not here for my puns, even if they are clever.


You’re looking for a freelancer…

And chances are, you’ve already seen fifty or so freelance resumes and websites today, so here’s the question:


How am I different from those 50 other freelancers?


Well, first off, I’m not another newbie with a pretty website.

Sure my website is nice, but I’ve been writing professionally for YEARS.

I started as a newspaper journalist almost 20 years ago and have been crafting custom content remotely for nearly four years now.


As a freelancer, I’ve:

  • created website copy for e-commerce companies

  • written ultimate guides for health websites

  • covered breaking news stories

  • reported on issues affecting animal welfare

  • explained complex scientific breakthroughs in a conversational tone

  • designed sales copy for high-gloss brochures used to sell new homes

  • written blog content about everything from Russian prison tattoos to relationship advice

  • and crafted feature articles on marketing for entrepreneurs

  • among a number of other projects!


This means you get top-grade copy, catered to your audience, tone, voice, and brand…

and you don’t have to teach me how to optimize for search engines, source images, use WordPress, Google Drive, follow a style guide or cite my sources.

I’m a regular at this rodeo.

Ready to onboard.

And while other freelancers ‘niche’ in a subject…


Long-form & research are my specialties.


I don’t do fluff and I don’t write content ‘off the top of my head’.

When I write for you, you can expect an exceptional depth of research, supportive expert quotes, and external links or footnotes to credible sources – even on short assignments.


I can help you:

  • Craft skyscraper content that towers above your competition

  • Tackle complex topics and condense them into bite-size nuggets of informative entertainment

  • Create lead magnets that explode your mailing list

  • Transform news-worthy and current events into viral posts your readers love


Whether you need short or long-form content, for writing that requires research, why not hire a specialist with years of professional experience?


Those I’ve worked with recommend me:


“Kristy is an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable writer. I have started working with her and I have found she knows what we need. I have hired her for writing some skyscraper articles and with each of the articles she has written for us, we got over 50 backlinks through outreach.”

-Sujana Marie, Co-founder, CookingDetective.com


“Kristy is an exceptional content writer. We have been working with Kristy for almost a year now, and she is by far one of the top content writers we have.

Her writing style is very versatile, and she’s very adaptable to changes in what we are looking for at the moment. When I need a special piece for a specific topic, shes the person I go to.

Kristy is great with time management, and her communication is consistent. She usually reaches out to me before I reach out to her, which is what I need since I am spread pretty thin. She comes up with great ideas on stories, and what’s trending on social media at the moment. “

-Billie Vuckovich, dexiMEDIA


But the proof is in the pudding, as they say.


So why not see my work for yourself?


My resume summarizes the work I’ve done for clients and publications.


My portfolio is where you’ll find published examples of my work from around the web.



Ready to get your content written?


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